Though very few people think of Tennessee as more than the birthplace of country music, there are plenty of first-rate attractions that tourists can experience going to the great state. In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that most of the highest rated national parks in the United States are found in Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains or Smokies for short, attract more visitors each year than the Grand Canyon. Not only is the state naturally beautiful, but its location makes it ideal to jump between other states. Here are a few of the most popular attractions you should check out if you’re a tourist there:

*Smoky Mountain National Park is situated in a small town called Gatlinburg where you’ll also find a number of big-ticket attractions. You can take your car to the most popular areas of the park, but you can also use the chairlift to head on over to the hills. The park is home to an amusement park as well as a ski resort for winter activities, but it’s open year-round and has over 900 miles of quality hiking trails.

*One of the top attractions in Memphis, Tennessee is Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland. It’s truly a trip back in time as nothing has been changed since the king passed away in 1977. Graceland pays homage to one of the most famous rock ‘n roll artists of all time, and for diehard fans, it’s a pilgrimage that must be made at least once in a lifetime. Best of all, you can choose from a number of tour packages to fit your budget.

*Shocking 3 million visitors per year head on over to Tennessee to experience Dollywood, named after Dolly Parton. Situated in a small town named Pigeon Forge, this is one of the busiest theme parks in America offering folky crafts, entertainment, and adventurous rides. You’ll discover that there are more than 40 rides that you can choose from and you can ride the old steam railway.

*US Pres. Andrew Jackson also made his home in Tennessee known as The Hermitage. The home was built in 1819, which was shortly after he became president. There are plenty of highlights the estate has to offer, but many visitors enjoy the woods and parklike gardens. This place also remains the eternal resting place of Jackson and his wife.

If you want to experience a different side of America, you need to check out all that Tennessee has to offer in terms of tourist attractions. From unique family entertainment to historical landmarks, Tennessee is home to some of the most wonderful places to visit!